1.     Safer Space principles

a.     By attending our events and by interacting with as well as contributing to our online publication, you are agreeing to abide by the guidelines for acceptable behavior outlined in this policy.

b.     The goal of this policy is to create a community in online and physical spaces that fosters mutual respect, empathy and understanding on a cultural and interpersonal level.

c.     We use the word ‘safer’ because we cannot guarantee safety with certainty, this policy operates as a pro-active and preventative step towards minimising possible harms.

d.     We understand that mistakes can be made and that this list is not exhaustive. These mistakes, however, should be seen as an opportunity for growth and self-improvement within our broader community.


2.     Code of conduct for the online publication:

a.     You agree to respect the plurality of opinions, beliefs, perspectives amongst the Verve audience and community.

b.     You agree to post content warnings before discussing topics which can be distressing to others.  

c.     You agree to be mindful of your tone and the content of your ideas in any online discussion undertaken on the Verve platform.

d.     You agree to refrain from behaviour tied to harassment, intimidation, discrimination. This includes (but is not limited to) behaviour intended to and/or perceived as ableist, racist, sexist, ageist, transphobic, homophobic or queerphobic.

e.     Individuals who fail to respect these guidelines might face having their post or comment removed. They will be informed of the breach of this Safer Space policy and if they continue to make harmful decisions, they will be banned from Verve’s Facebook and Instagram pages.


3.     Code of conduct at Verve events:

a.     Please respect the attendees, the guest speakers and artists’ physical and emotional boundaries.

b.     Please be mindful of the effects of your own actions and behaviour on others and of people’s varying levels of sensitivity. These problems can be especially of concern if you or others around you are under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol.

c.     Any individual or group engaging in violent (this includes sexual violence, predation and harassment) or discriminatory behaviour will be asked to leave the space.

d.     Repeated instances of harmful behaviour at our events might result in a lifelong ban.

e.     If you feel unsafe or witness any behaviour that crosses your boundaries, please approach security, one of the organisers, or call one of the phone numbers posted on the relevant event for help.

f.      We urge all people present at our events to look out for each other and take on responsibility for the safety of our community. You can play your part by speaking up for others, monitoring the crowd and reaching out to security, staff and organisers for help. Nevertheless, this policy should not be about policing others but about self-monitoring.