Image: Celeste de Clario

Image: Celeste de Clario


Verve is an online multimedia platform dedicated to promoting young and emerging Australian talent. The project has been lead since December 2017 by Athina Wilson and Clementine Girard-Foley.  

We are an accessible medium which continuously publishes a wide variety of different forms of artistic expression, mostly hidden from the mainstream publications' eye. 

We do not operate within a set stylistic framework, but rather, are the organic result of what our contributors create. 


Art editors: Ronlee Korren and Essie Randles; Creative writing: Jeremy George and Jamie Marina-Lau; Thoughts: Mario Matic, Kelly Herbison, Fetle Wondimu, Mani Bovell; Music: Josh Martin, Margie Bassova and Moses Escar; Events: Stella Schiftan, Lucky Pereira, Mia Davidson and Audrey Lychee ; Film: Jane Inyang and Ivana Brehas.   


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