Image: Celeste de Clario

Image: Celeste de Clario


Verve is an online multimedia platform dedicated to promoting young up-and-coming Australian talent. The project has been led since December 2017 by Athina Wilson and Clementine Girard-Foley.  

We are an accessible medium which continuously publishes a wide variety of different forms of artistic expression, mostly hidden from the mainstream publications' eye. 

We do not operate within a set stylistic framework, but rather, are the organic result of what our contributors create. 


Art editors: Ronlee Korren and Coco Sims; Creative writing: Jeremy George and Jamie Marina-Lau; Thoughts: Mario Matic, Kelly Herbison, Fetle Wondimu, Mani Bovell; Music: Josh Martin and Margarita Bassova; Events: Stella Schiftan, Lucky Pereira, Mia Davidson and Audrey Lychee ; Film: Jane Inyang and Georgia Ketels.   


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