'HELLO SISI' / Interviewed by Coco Sims

'HELLO SISI' / Interviewed by Coco Sims

I sat down with my incredible friend Sisi to chat about her hand made bags. Combining a mixture of cute, one off fabrics with her iconic aesthetic, Sisi channels her bubbly personality into everything she makes.

Tell us about yourself
I’m SISI ! I’m 25 - I like cute things, love hearts and high top converse.

So Sisi, how did it all begin?
Hello Sisi began around a year ago when I walked into Coco store with one of my bags I had made for myself. The owner and best person ever Ellie asked where I had got my bag from and then she started stocking them and SISI bags became my side hustle.

What is the process you go through to create your bags?
I like to use a mix of fabrics, found and recycled materials. I start by finding things I like and lay them out and put together ideas for bags.

What have been some of the challenges/ the biggest challenge you have faced running your own business? I think my biggest challenge would be overthinking things. When you have been in the studio all day looking at the same things it’s easy to start spiralling. One minute I’m into a fabric and a few hours later I’ll be like wait what was I thinking haha


Where would you like to take your career? What is the dream?
The dream would be to keep Hello Sisi going so that I can continue to wake up walk to my studio and make fun cute things all day.

Who are some of your favourite Melbourne creatives at the moment?
There are so many ! I’m constantly in awe of the creatives in Melbourne. My biggest inspiration is my friend Flossy.

What advice would you give to someone wanting to pursue a creative career?
I would say create for yourself first. My bags started as just a fun project for myself because I was working in hospitality full time and feeling pretty down and uninspired. I would come home sit at my kitchen table and make them and I would feel better. Ive always made what I like and I think the love comes across in the work if you are designing for yourself.

What are you working on at the moment?
At the moment I’m working on my own fabrics! And also ! Very excited that all my bags will very soon be coming with personalised hand made key chains.

Where can people go to purchase one of your bags?
My site will be up super soon - but in the mean time slide into my DMS @hellosisi_ and I’ll make you a bag hehe x

Sisi has made a limited run of 30 bags using materials she has gathered in Japan - make sure you pop down to COCO Store for her exhibition featuring Dior Di Latte on the decs.

14.06.19 // 6-9pm // 6a 232 Brunswick St, Fitzroy


Instagram: @hellosisi_

Interview by Coco Sims and Mia Davidson.

Photo Credit: Mia Davidson

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