'Tribqu' / Zac Amos

'Tribqu' / Zac Amos

I had a coffee and chat with Zac Amos about his new, up-and-coming project ‘Tribqu’ - here’s what you gotta know.

Zac: You’re gonna laugh the whole time

Stella: *in absolute hysterics*

S: Talk to me about Tribqu, what is it?

Z: Tribqu is a project that I started a few months ago in the beginning of 2019. It’s something that I’ve been wanting to launch for a while now - both a club night and a radio show.

In terms of your influences, what drove you to creating your project?

Growing up, my Mum and her partner at the time were always playing music around the house. Mum’s partner was a DJ and Mum had great taste in music. Anything from Erykah Badu, Zap Mama, The Streets, Moloko and everything in-between would be playing. I think growing up with this sort of stuff manifested my passion for collecting and dancing to music. After graduating high school, I bought a pair of turntables and started collecting music religiously. At that time, I was going to parties from the guys from Butter Sessions and Animals Dancing; I took a lot of things from those parties and wanted to created something similar but fuelled by my influences and tastes.

Another reason was because so much of the current electronic dance scene gets caught in a stagnant cycle. Seeing that, I wanted to instead create something aimed towards progression. One major part of that was representing people of colour, particularly African people in Melbourne. Something that I kept noticing out partying was that lots of the music that’s being playing is derived from people of colour and I thought to myself ‘being from African decent, why can’t I create a space for these people to be heard?’.

You mentioned previously that you want to incorporate a radio element, have you got any experience in that field?

Yeah. I did a Hope St Radio recording a few weeks back, it was really really cool (listen here). It was was a two-hour slot and I felt like it was one of those things that just happened super naturally. I was able to really play my influences and a lot of stuff that I’ve wanted to play for ages but in a structure that was super free – it was a really sick experience.

So awesome to hear, and have you had any events or got anything coming up?

A few weeks back I had the launch at the Rooftop, featuring my good friends C.Frim, DJ Hookway and Selena which was super lovely. I’ve also got the first club night at Angel Music bar on the 14th of June, featuring Lady Erica as our headliner.

Something that you and I have previously spoke about is taking these ‘one-night events’ to a deeper, more value-centric level. How do you see Tribqu creating those spaces in the future?

At the end of the day, the aim of these events is to establish a community where people are able to come, dance and freely express themselves. There is no real agenda other than it being about experiencing the music and it being centred around the idea that you don’t have to know how to dance or express yourself, but it’s a safe space to experiment with that, and hopefully by establishing that kind of precedence, we will create a community of like-minded people.

Be sure to check out Tribqu’s next event at Angel Music Bar here and scope more about the radio show and club night here!

Interview by Stella Schiftan and Zac Amos.

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