'The Still' / Tim Coad

'The Still' / Tim Coad

Tim Coad is a Tasmanian emerging artist, and graduate of the Tasmanian School of Creative Arts, University of Tasmania. Tim creates large scale photographs, with a focus on portraits, to evoke an immersive, intimate environment. Tim’s work holds national recognition, and has been exhibited with the National Photographic Portraiture Prize, the IRIS International Portrait Award, and the prestigious Hutchins Australian Contemporary Art Prize.

Tim’s work explores the threshold and tenuous grip we have on life and deals with tensions of shifting self-identity and loss of place. An innovative process see’s Tim mixing cinematic lighting with real-world environments, while Tim’s recent work ‘The Still’ makes use of total natural lighting. Working outdoors, in the elements of nature, the aim is to further evoke the fragility of our existence, and the ephemerality of light and day.

Ambiguity is an important aspect of the work, with an implied narrative across a series of images. These narratives are activated through the relationships that emerge between the images. What is hidden from the viewer becomes meaningful, and just as integral to the work as what is revealed.

Artist exhibition statement:

The Still,

You told me you were born in a taxi on the Nullarbor, while bodies dissolved into the

landscape where they lay.

Their skin seeps into the ground. Crumbling ruins around us. Blood running

underneath my skin as I lay on the ground. I am comfortable here, it is calm, it is


On this day, but I’m leaving.

Your broken limbs cradle my mud walls.

I find it hard to wait. I empathise with the static dancing as the light dissolves into me.

The water drips down your neck in the sun’s contusion, then it slips and we turn to

grey, asleep in the branches while the noise becomes me.

A teaser selection of the works to be exhibited:

Exhibition Details: 

Gallery: Penny Contemporary, Hobart, Tasmania
Dates: 22nd Feb - 18th March 

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