'Plaster Clothing Runway Show' / Jasmine Piacquadio

'Plaster Clothing Runway Show' / Jasmine Piacquadio

Plaster is a label designed by Jasmine Piacquadio where practices of art and design are combined to form wearable clothing products. The idea to just “fuck it” is riddled throughout the collection as chance and accident created a huge part of Plaster’s print aesthetic and style. 

Clip: Athina Wilson, Music: Moses Carr

Designer’s Statement:

The Runway

I tried to make the runway show a wholesome experience that was kind and welcoming. I wanted to create clothing that people can feel like they can express themselves in or even just to express, in their own way, what I’m trying to explore which involves not being too critical of how something turns out. 

Being Critical

I think I found a good balance between being critical with myself and letting go of judgment. When designing I would start with a brief skeleton of an idea and then would let the process determine what the final product would be. The things that didn’t turn out exactly how I thought they would led me to try out a different approach, which in turn enabled the garments to take shape in a way that was different and unplanned.



I really wanted to ensure that my work had quality and would not tether easily. I wanted the clothes to be able to be scrunched up in to a bag and have peace of mind that they are not going to get damaged. 

Colour, texture, shape

I wanted to focus on the basics of fashion design; colour, texture and shape. I didn’t want to make the aesthetics of the garments too conceptual. I wanted to make wearable clothing that has art on it, something that people actually want to wear rather than just look at. 


Fashion vs art

I think there’s a difference between fashion and art as it is refined to the space it is kept or preformed in. Fashion can move in many spaces as it is worn outside and can be seen and be interacted with. This difference gave me a lot of drive and passion towards to create garments that are accessible and wearable.

Models pictured below: Zach Wilson, David Noon, Annalisa Pelosi and Ansam Farag

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