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Elle Shimada Band curates ll WOMB:rebirth

Elle Shimada curates ll WOMB:rebirth

In the second instalment, creative sisters in crime Abbey Howlett and Elle Shimada will explore the concept of 'feminine' in omnifarious forms.

----- // LINE UP // -----
Featuring badass sisters in music and wearable art.

Abbey Howlett band
Fosse (Mandarin Dreams)
Elle Shimada Music(full band)

Fashion runways from…
Plaster Clothing
Coral Jamieson Pink Folds

----- // INTENTION // -----
Combining our ideas and visions with music, art installations, visual and fashion runways all celebrating feminine in all forms of expression, we will turn Evelyn Hotel to a WOMB, where we all come from, where we were pure and safe untouched by the world.

Step through the silk labia to see yourself dissolve into all.
-Abbey Howlett

SISTERS: I've got you. You've got me.
Let's delve into our deepest potential together to unleash our baddest self within. We will raise together.
The world has never been a more comfortable place for us to realise our potential, but it's not enough just yet.

BROTHERS: feminism is as much your responsibility as ours.
Please give her the space she needs, and share what society has given you as a privilege with us.


This is the second of four events curated by Elle Shimada taking place on Wednesdays of February at Evelyn Hotel.

--- // MANIFESTO // ---
Elle Shimada and the collective are a humble young family of six creatives Abbey Howlett Rara Zulu Finn Rees Matt Hayes and Lucky Pereira who are committed to learn and act responsibly as modern artists.

We are diasporas, we are feminists and most of all we are artists who are not afraid to share our most raw self through the medium of music.
We are ever-learning, but we recognise the power we hold when we utilise music in solidarity.

We are conditioned to fuck up all that we love.
Let's give a fuck - We can fix this shit.

This dance floor is a seed of activism.
Let's take it home, water it every day until we grow into a forest.

We are all in this together.

--- // WE GOT YOU // ---
This is an inclusive event.
We welcome all our audience for who they are, we are all for people who do not conform and we celebrate our differences.

We will try our best to make it a safe space for everyone.
Any racism, sexism, harassment or harmful action will not be tolerated.
Please let Evelyn Hotel staff or Elle know if you experience any bad vibes. Fuck the bad vibes.
We got your back. xx

--- // IMPORTANT // ---
We acknowledge the people of the Woi Warrung and Boon Warrung of the Eastern Kulin nations on whose stolen lands we hold this event.
We respectfully acknowledge and pay our respects to elders past, present and emerging and to all First Nations peoples.

We also acknowledge the traditional Custodians and their Ancestors of the lands and waters across Australia.

Admission fee free for all the first nation people and people.
Please inform the door person upon your entry.

Poster design: @piewack_ aka Finn Rees x Elle Shimada

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