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Moses Carr VS Woy / Hemm / Moses Carr

Moses Carr VS Woy (AKA - 'Ministry of Sound 2008 Summer Edition presents: Moses Carr VS Woy') is a collaboration between two contrasting musicians based in Melbourne.

The unlikely meeting place of The Coburg Farmers Market, a weekly produce market in the northern suburbs of Melbourne, facilitated this unique arrangement. At the time Moses was busking on his piano accordion & Kieran was the manager of the farmers market. Destiny had it that the piano accordion, only one string to Moses' bow & managing farmers markets was but one string in Kieran's... Thanks Coburg Farmers Market.

Moses Carr is a local beat-maker & sound smith who sees their work as a vessel to house abstracted emotions through the use of organic percussion with buttery harmonies. The result is melodies that trickle through each moment producing a cohesive charm & heaviness in their musical outfit.

A country woy at heart, Kieran Dickson is a lyricist that makes obscurest post rock utilizing music as a vehicle for their comic social critique. A self-proclaimed pioneer of Bogan-rock, Woy is a project that presents the irritable idiosyncrasies of Australiana right to you- no punches pulled.

After the marquees came down, & the farmers headed home the two got talking about their respective projects, & how they both desired to give alternate forms of collaboration a bit more of a nudge. Needless to say, the conversations went on & the two soon began working together.

The result (so far) is a performance that finds itself in a healthy limbo between obscurest pop & late night beats, flaying in and out of curated realities from song to song. This unique opportunity on the 9th of June will see the headline launch of both the live project & also new recordings!

Support on the night from Hemm, a project brought to you by Bobby Downie & Juice Webster. The duo has a knack for intertwining heartfelt and honest lyrics and melodies with experimental beats and production. 

Moses Carr will round out the night, bringing their solo performance along to bind the evenings performances together in the only way they know how- with vibrant eclectic electric heaving late night beats.