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KLEIN (UK), w Various Asses Netti Kandere Dj Spunkgunk

South London based musician Klein is an artist whose neoteric vision has seen her quickly become one of the UK’s most intriguing and unpinnable producers and performers. Her often playful and restive approach to composition is instantly alluring. Samples of obscure Nigerian B-Movies clatter into jagged beats. Distant piano loops lurk in the haze whilst beguiling vocals fade in and out of the sensory World she has created.

Her debut album Only self released online, and via a heart shaped diamond USB stick by DIY label Howling Owl Records, and more recently the Lagata EP that has led her to be featured in Dazed and Confused, Wire, and i-D magazine; the latter of which premiered the beautiful Akinola Davies JR directed video for Marks Of Worship – a stunning five minutes piece of murky ambience dominated by a Whatsapp sermon sent from a Nigerian Aunt. 

Tommy marks Klein's deepest plunge yet into the 'deep, dark ocean' of her musical imagination on her Hyperdub debut. On Tommy her vocals play with fifties-esque melodies before switching to familiar tones akin to Brandy and Rodney Jerkins, her live voice and live piano playing, filtered through hyper glitchy and looped production with an loose, internal logic; cutting from angular atonality to pockets of skewered harmony. Tommy also steps things up in conceptual terms. Its eight tracks are broken down into acts that are rooted in themes of vulnerability, sisterhood and death, threading the chaotic sonics with modern operatic undertones and a Shakespearean sense of tragedy.

There's a lot of bluster about originality in contemporary UK music and what rises from the noise here is a creative voice who, by her very nature plays with the construct of what pop is.

Klein will be supported by: 

Various Asses
Solo project from Melbourne electronic producer and drummer Raquel Solier, previously known under the guise Fatti Frances. Various Asses fuses bent trap, frantic house and fractured vocal samples

Melbourne based artist that traverses metal, hip hop, punk, forming what can only be described as an unrelenting apocalyptic blast

Kandere is the duo of artists, Lakyn Tarai and Ripley Kavara. Their connection is deeply rooted in queerness and their shared Melanesian ancestry - Fiji and Papua New Guinea. Together they create waves of avant hip hop, synth heavy r&b and darker club influences. With driving vocals & rapping structured around sharp energising production, they create a dynamic and powerful sound.

DJ Spunkgunk
The delicious entity known as Mohini. They’re made up of equal parts fire and water; produce smashed banga mixes of Gotho Grind, Weirdo Pop Remixes, Industrial sweat stains. They're an absolute assault of pleasure that'll make you ready to submit to the dancefloor, and give up all dignity to the rhythm

flyer by Serwah Attafuah
Presented in association with Liquid Architecture.

This event will be taking place on the land of the Wurundjeri Tribe of the Kulin Nation. We recognise that sovereignty was never ceded, and pay our respects to their Elders, past, present and emerging.

Free entry to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people - email to secure a spot

Later Event: May 11
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