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MMW: MTalks—'Hypotheticals: Language and music journalism'

In 2018, a small number of veteran music writers publicly fell from grace. Columns were cancelled and books taken off shelves and pulped, ‘never to be reprinted’. In 'Hypotheticals: Language and music journalism', presented as part of Melbourne Music Week, writers and artists come together to negotiate respectful language and the impact of perceived and real bigotry. Leading human rights activist and barrister Julian Burnside AO QC will take the group of specially selected artists, musicians, journalists, academics and music industry professionals on a hypothetical exercise where they collectively work through a moral dilemma to help navigate future problems.

MMW’s 'Hypotheticals' sessions at MPavilion have been prepared by advisors Dr Catherine Strong, program manager of RMIT University’s Music Industry program and Dr Emma Rush, a philosopher who teaches ethics for creative industries at Charles Sturt University. The sessions have been overseen by a brains trust of senior music industry figures led by Helen Marcou of Bakehouse Studios.

The first session, MMW presents ‘Hypotheticals: A callout’, will be held at the same time and place the preceding day, on Tuesday 20 November, 1pm at MPavilion.

These events are free, and wheelchair-accessible.

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