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Lele, Butterfly by Footscray Edge

Western Edge Youth Arts presents an evening of live entertainment featuring the Footscray Edge's new original performance, Lele, Butterfly - followed by music, spoken word, and rap by local artists.

6.30pm - Live performances

7.30pm - Lele, Butterfly

The greatest shifts in consciousness begin with a single act of bravery.

Melbourne. Now. One brother raises hell amongst his family. Another steps up to defend them. Both are killed. Their father holds a memorial for one, and forbids anyone from burying the other. Everyone obeys. Everyone, except a young woman named Antigone. 

Footscray Edge adapts the ancient Greek play of Antigone to explore contemporary Samoan culture and how one person's actions can cause a ripple effect throughout a community. But will it be too late? Cultures collide, families divide and a community is turned inside out as each member of it must confront one of life's greatest challenges: how do you act with truth and integrity in the midst of chaos, grief, fear? Do you accept the rules of your household, or do you trust in something bigger, do you spread your wings and Lele (fly).

8.30pm - Live acts featuring Ras Poet, Amarachi Okorom, Nadia Hanaan and more.

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16 November 
6.30pm - 9.30pm
Amphitheatre, Footscray Community Arts Centre
Free tickets available here:

Proudly supported by the Victorian State Government, Maribyrnong City Council and Creative Victoria.