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ORCHA, Elle Shimada & Lovision Art By Andy O'Connor, Haydn Allen

Join us for our next instalment of INTERGALACTIC SPACE JAMS [Live Electronica] at the new launchpad: Two Floors.

Featuring the talented: ORCHA, Elle Shimada and LoVision with DJ sets from Timmus & Andre Le Vogue. 

Art installations by Andi O'Connor and Haydn Allen.

Visuals by Lucas Brown. 

ORCHA is the project of innovative brainchild and Melbourne violinist/composer Matt Sheers. Combining the intricate sounds of the violin with rich beats, soaring vocals and moody ambience, it’s a constant exploration of harmonic possibilities into dreamlike, textured compositions.

Transcending the traditional boundaries of the violin, its world of sound goes far beyond the constraints of a single instrument. As an accomplished performer, ORCHA draws on a wealth of experience in electronic, folk, jazz and classical genres forming a pastiche of sound that stretches the violin into a new, ethereal and evocative realm of sound. It crosses the planes of acoustic and electronic with ease and simplicity, creating one of the most honest expressions of pure music-making, unique songwriting and brilliant musicianship.

LoVision is the sound of fragile humanity as it is propelled forwards exponentially into the future. It is a heiroglyph for the ongoing merger of the organic with the artificial, of love & chrome, of the blurred & blurring lines between worlds that once seemed so divided. 

Working with elements of jazz, drone, noise, trip-hop, post-punk, industrial & soundtrack music, they refuse to paint this ongoing process as being specifically u- or dys-topian. Instead they focus on the honest expression of the varied & often contradictory emotions to which it has given rise; hope & despair, freedom & paranoia, progress & nothingness, purpose & purposelessness, knowledge & ignorance, the needs of our humanity channelled both through futility & through strength in this disassociated 
world of evolving machines.

Elle Shimada Music
Elle Shimada is a violinist who fashions her sound after the nature and cityscapes she immerses herself in. Working with live loops and gathered samples, Elle builds ‘cinematronic’ soundscapes, layering strings above grooves and bass lines influenced by world, hip hop, house and jazz. With an impactful and evocative approach to the violin, Elle channels her deep and continuing exploration of feminine energy through her exciting music.

Installations by Andy O'Connor & Haydn Allen 
Andy O’Connor and Haydn Allen present installations featuring an array of mediums including sound design, collage, visuals and sculpture. Andy is a multidisciplinary artist with an interest in that which is obtuse, absurd and chaotic, explored through sound, collage and video. Through his practice and work, Andy explores the ways in which the unpredictable and aleatory nature of the universe leads to a strange, unlikely beauty existing on earth. Haydn is an interdisciplinary artist whose work manifests in performances, installations and videos. Through use of the body and both personal and societal detritus his work reflects corporeal notions of play, sexuality, and a twenty-first century spirituality.


Andre Le Vogue

Doors 6:30pm

$10 Entry