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Precog – 24 Hour Rave

MF Period Drama Rave. One wristband guarantees one entry over 24 hours, including passouts. Presale tickets are live.

Lineup TBA.

Excess and Existence:

Nobody is so naive as not to know that unhappiness will soon find other forms, but the particular unhappiness of the outside world is wiped off when you enter the club, absolutely. That is the modern meaning of the club, private as well as public. Existence attempts—in the excess of the club—to confirm itself positively as existence. That is why it is characterised by luxury and destruction: the ethics of mere survival is the ethics of moderation. By saving up, one aims at storing a growing of the in-itself for future use; existence, on the other hand, is total consumption: it makes itself only by destroying. The club carries out this negative movement in order to indicate clearly its independence in relationship to the thing: one eats burgers, takes MD, drinks, smokes rollies, breaks things, and spends time and money; one spends them for nothing. Spending also establishes communication between existants, because it is a movement of recognition that spirals from one to the other that existence is confirmed – in songs, lolz, dance, eroticism, being high one seeks an exaltation of the moment and become complicit with others in acts considered debauched outside of club bounds. But the tension of existence realised as pure negativity cannot maintain itself for long—maybe 24 hours—before the diminishing returns begin to appear. The moment of detachment, pure affirmation of the subjective present are only abstractions: the drugs wear off, the crush goes home, the joy becomes exhausted, and one finds oneself with just Uber open, because one can never possess the present. That is what gives clubbing a deceptive character. One of PRECOG’s roles is to fix this passionate assertion of existence in a more durable way. In creating a theme of historical excess we tell a story, we make it exist in its particularity with its beginning and its end, its glory or its shame, and this is the way it actually must be lived. In the 24 Hour Rave, people express their need to feel that they exist absolutely. They really must fulfil this wish.

PRECOG explores the non-cognitive modes of understanding that manifest the magic and mythology of the club. PRECOG is curated by DJ Sezzo and Matka. Art by Matka, essay by DJ Sezzo.

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Roy Ayers